Money Making Ideas for University Students

Money Making Ideas for University Students Avatar Posted by tiroberts under Online Marketing
From 412 days ago
Made Hot by: seobromino on August 4, 2013 1:09 pm
Are you living on a steady budget of cheap noodles and black coffee and can never afford to treat yourself to something nice, whether food or drinks or other essentials?

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Written by tcamba
411 days ago

LOL! I didn't expect working as a barista as one of the choices but hey, it's a great job! Definitely something to take into consideration!

Written by bigmoneyweb
412 days ago

This will certainly be a very good resource Eric and one that will help a lot of students. I love how simple you made it. I'm also a student and I know how difficult it use to be. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


Written by erikemanuelli
410 days ago

Thank you Val!

Glad you liked it!

Written by tiroberts
412 days ago

Great write up, Erik.

I'm a full-time university student. I also run my blog business full-time and work part-time (from home). I actually got my current part-time job as a result of my blogging efforts, so I can definitely vouch for the effectiveness of using my "super powers" to make money. :)

I actually just read a similar article about this very topic over on It's great to see that seasoned bloggers are making efforts to help us student bloggers.

This isn't my first time visiting your blog, Erik, but this is my first time leaving a comment. I just wanted to say that your content is always top notch and I really appreciate the effort that you put into helping us.

I'll be sure to share this piece with my social circle. Keep the great content coming and I look forward to connecting more with you soon.


Written by erikemanuelli
410 days ago

Hi Ti,

thanks for sharing something about your life :

You are really busy!

You should have some huge super powers, Ti! ;-)

I am very pleased to see your comment here,

I hope to see more from you on my blog too!

Thanks again and my best wishes to your career! :-)

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