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Whilst sometimes it seems that there’s a new social network popping up every minute of the day, many of which fade swiftly into obscurity, some niche networks are more than worth taking a look at. This is especially true if you have a specific audience to address, or even a skillset that you want to showcase. Check out a new player on the scene called Medium.

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Written by Xen
111 days ago

I think this is answered earlier in the article: "Why I personally find this problematic is that I don’t like not having choice and I’m not overly keen on what I’m agreeing to when I sign up. The app gives Medium the ability to post tweets, look at your followers and follow new people and update your profile. It doesn’t access your password and it doesn’t have the ability to read DMs, but if you’re anything like me, I rarely use direct messaging on Twitter anyway due to it being very difficult to sort through."

The author also recognizes this Medium isn't the only app that registers this way, but she personally doesn't like that it asks for permission to alter her profile.

Written by kesbutters
110 days ago

Thanks Xen, as the author, yes that's just what I mean. It's a *personal* concern. Medium did get back to me after a few days upon asking them directly about this and I had the following response:

"Yes, Twitter is the only way to sign up. Our decision to use Twitter to log in was originally based on lack of resources and prioritization. We opted to use resources to work on our product rather than a native sign-up experience. We've had a decent amount of feedback similar to yours and we might build a native sign-up experience at some point soon."

So they are aware that this kind of login process is not for everyone.

I understand the need to allocate resources where necessary of course, but for me, I would prefer login options in the first instance. I'm not even suggesting that this will affect the success of the site, just that it's something that puts me, as someone that works with social a lot, off.

Kerry :)

Written by lyceum
111 days ago

Xen: I read that, but I still don't understand her concern. But maybe Medium could change in the future and create a separate sign up process, collecting all your data in their own place! ;)

Written by lyceum
112 days ago

I remember the Medium launched by a former co-founder of Blogger. It is time to look into this site again. I don't really get the concerns by the author of the post regarding the signup process using your Twitter credentials. Could someone explain this problem?

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