You can learn a lot from reading marketing copy. In my travels across the marketsphere, checking out sites and shopping for gifts, I come across marketing copy that arrests, mesmerizes, and even edifies.

Take for example, this excerpt from “Alluring fashion ladies slips” on Just Women

“Spaghetti straps, lace and embroidery slips add glamour to a woman when she wears them. It gives a lady a feeling of self consciousness and confidence.”

Who knew that women’s lingerie could impart such power?


Written by Michael Neubarth
2266 days ago

Thanks, Heather. Glad you liked the post and hope you enjoy the book. Your observations are accurate. The style or tone is what James Joyce called "jocoserious." Within the humor there is a core of serious matter--on fads, fashion, femininity, culture, lowbrow, highbrow, marketing. A lot to ponder.

Written by HeatherStone
2267 days ago

I really got a kick out of this post! Okay, it's mostly got to be tongue in cheek. But what I really got out of it is what I've known all along: we must have tweezed too hard, because the "brow" is long gone. Or maybe we should call it the "democratizing of the brow", where all brows are more or less of equal height and all valid for their own reasons. Amusing to keep going on that construct. Now I'm going to go out and buy that book! Thanks for the post!

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