Is Your Podcast and YouTube Video Better With Background Music

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From 12 days ago
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Are you using background music to enhance the production level and quality of your audio and video content? I was surprised to hear that my audience likes it better when I add background music to my content. And although it might not be my personal preference, we have to give our audience what they want right? After all it's not about me, it's about them!


Written by toni.erika1234
1 day 11 hours ago

Completely agree with background elements. As everybody like to enjoy while working so adding up music in the background makes a good impression on your audience.

Written by Ileane
1 day 9 hours ago

I added background music to my Anchor course videos based on feedback just like yours. Thanks Toni!

Written by noonpit
7 days ago


Written by Ileane
7 days ago

You're welcome.

Written by pvariel
9 days ago

Hi Ileane,

A Good presentation.

Yes, a light music behind will give a soothing effect to the listeners.

Well done, thanks for the tips.



Written by lyceum
8 days ago


If the music is in sync with the audio, it could work. Otherwise it could be distracting to the listeners.

All the Best,


Written by Ileane
9 days ago

Phil, to my surprise, most of the comments on YouTube said the same thing. Thanks for adding to the conversation!

Written by Ileane
9 days ago

Hi Martin. Do you pay for the jingles?

Written by lyceum
8 days ago

Ileane: Yes, I do. Jim Jonsson of JTunes Productions is creating tailor-made jingles for podcasters.

Written by lyceum
9 days ago

Ileane: I will talk with the guy who has created several of the jingles to my podcasts about this opportunity. The music should be safe for consumption, e.g., on Spotify.

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