With over180 billion emails sent and received worldwide every day in 2013, it’s fairly safe to say that today’s average inbox has become a veritable jungle of emails, some wanted, and some unwanted. And if you consider that it takes just mere seconds for most of us to scan our inboxes and decide which emails to open, which to “save for later” and which to delete without even reading, then it’s understandable that the battle for our limited inbox-attention is one of the email marketer’s biggest challenges.
So what can you do to out-open your competition?...

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Written by lyceum
342 days ago

Noya: I will use your post as great resource for the future. It is good to have several examples of to learn from. It will be nice to go through the post again when I am ready to publish my first newsletter and the different online projects (including creating content activities such as blog posts, email messages, press releases, etc.) that I am involved in.

Written by noyalizor
342 days ago

Great! I'm glad you liked the post. Don't forget that you can also check out lots of other subject line examples in The Best of Email's Inspiration Gallery (updated regularly :-)


Written by HeatherStone
343 days ago


I like the suggestion here of watching your competitors. I think sometimes this can be a bad idea, if you focus too much on what they are doing and trying to outdo them. But I think the idea of doing so intentionally to try to be different is a good one. My question: with so many email marketers out there, how do you figure out who your biggest competitors are? I would assume these are the marketers who are already focused on your existing or ideal customers. But what technique would you recommend to identify these people?

Written by HeatherStone
342 days ago

Hi Noya,

I realize the question is kind of general. We have members with many different kinds of businesses here on the BizSugar community, so I'm just hoping to get a discussion started. Maybe members with more specific needs can pose some questions about the kinds of email campaigns they personally are working on. Thanks for your help.

Written by noyalizor
343 days ago

Hi Heather,

It's hard to give you specific pointers without knowing more about what business you're in but I would start with a Google search for the top companies in your industry (and if it's a small business I'd also narrow the search to your State or city). This should enable you to go to their websites and subscribe to their newsletters. This is sort of a vague suggestion but perhaps if you give me more details I can suggest something more specific :)


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