It’s happened. You knew it would. Somebody said something bad about you and your business. Maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s a little bit of truth taken grossly out of context. No matter the case, how you handle negative comments can determine how much (or how little) business you will lose because of the comment.

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Written by AngelBiz
434 days ago

One advice I would give is not to get into mudslinging match with the commentator. It is easy to get in a fight with arguments going back and forth, but you need to keep in mind who has most to lose from this. It will be you, the business owner or publisher, who will lose at the end.

I am not saying you should not put your facts out there to refute the negative comment, but stay away from extended arguments and personal attacks.

Written by Mitz
434 days ago

Yes I agree to stay away from extended arguments and personal attacks. Unfortunately if you respond with something that proves the person wrong then they might resort to this. People do this when they are "lost for intelligent words".

Written by bigmoneyweb
434 days ago

I agree with Ti Milica, one thing I know is that in anything you're doing in life, if you've never gotten any critics then, you've not started. To me, it only proves that I'm doing it right and just as Ti said, you cannot please everyone, there must always be those unpleasant ones so, the best thing is to use it in your favour. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


Written by Mitz
434 days ago

Ha ha yes this is true. When this happens to me I think "WOW I am really making an impact". Gotta look on the bright side. :)

Written by BizRock
435 days ago

Unfortunately, comments were attacking the business, as many companies would be in this situation, this person was very upset and unsure of what to do next.Thank you for this article!

Written by Mitz
434 days ago

Yes it is up to us how we handle our business and hopefully these few tips will help someone. :)

Written by tiroberts
435 days ago

Great post, Milica.

I think it's important to be authentic and transparent in your marketing and content creation. If someone doesn't like it or doesn't agree with your stance on a topic, then oh well.

You can't please everyone and you have to know how to properly handle negativity and criticism in a way that actually works in your favor.

I remember, I had a troll that did his best to slander my name and brand, in a sort of snide way but it didn't work because I handled it in a decent way and my following didn't really pay him any attention.

You did a great job with this piece and I'm glad to have come across it. It's been a while since I've dropped by your place, Milica, and I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to visit again.

I love the new design and your content is still as valuable as ever. I'll be sure to share this piece with my social circle. I'll also comment and share it on bizsugar.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to connecting with you more soon.


Written by Mitz
434 days ago

Thanks Ti... Ha ha ha you mentioned Bizsugar to me and here I am.. Ah the power of the word. :)

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