How My Blog Got PR3 in 7 Weeks & How You can Do It

How My Blog Got PR3 in 7 Weeks & How You can Do It Avatar Posted by gabuzee under Online Marketing
From 513 days ago
Made Hot by: bloggerpalooza on February 19, 2013 9:27 am
On 4th of February 2013, Google updated their Page Rank algorithm which is the first for this year and I published a post on that day to announce to you, our esteemed readers that BTT got a PR3 from PR0 within 7 weeks of its existence. In that post, I promised to write a post in which I will share some insight and tactics that I employed to improve this blog PageRank within a short period of time. You should know that this blog was launched late last year (2012) and real work actually started on the blog in January 2013. With proper SEO strategies couple with our readers support, we have been able to get a good PageRank and good rankings for competitive keywords on search engines result pages.

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Written by funjobsforseniors
509 days ago

Great point on pr suckers. There are many who say you must use do follow. Maybe no follow would save some link juice. That was a great idea when you followed .edu sources. Included you in my google circle. Thanks for the tips.

Written by sigbjorn
509 days ago

Interesting to read your story. I created my blog in December 2012 and I also got Page Rank three on the February 4 update in 2013. I did not use the same strategy as you, so it was very interesting to read your thoughts on how you achieved the Page Rank 3 in such a short time!

Written by tiroberts
510 days ago

Congrats, Joseph,

What you've managed to accomplished in such a short amount of time is pretty darn impressive. I love reading stories such as yours, where people have taking fast, smart and massive action to get the desired results. That is exactly what it takes to climb the blogging ladder quickly and start getting more exposure.

Again, job well done and thanks for sharing your results with our bizsugar community!


Written by gabuzee
510 days ago

Hi Ti,,

Thanks for the compliment and great comment, am glad you love success stories!

Written by CBKDirect
512 days ago

Wow.. A lot of good tips. I'm going to have to look into JustRetweet and a few other suggestions. Although I do believe that we need to optimize our sites as best as we can, the best things we can do is join communities and give our readers the best experience we can.

Thanks for the interesting article!

Written by gabuzee
510 days ago

Hi, Justretweet is cool, I wonder why so many bloggers are not making use of it; it is now one of my favorite tool.

BTW, you are right about optimizing our site, it helps too.

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