If you are running a small business these days, particularly an off-line one, it’s hard to ignore the intense pull and massive movement towards online marketing. But where exactly do you start? And, what do you do if you don’t have the time, skill, nor even the desire to roll up your sleeves and figure out Internet marketing for yourself, let alone do it week after week? After all, if you’re running your own company, your available time may be fast approaching the endangered species list.

I know that the answer for many of you has been to hire others- online marketing experts, website developers and designers- to take care of this thorny issue or at least help to lighten the burden. The problem is if you don’t know what you are doing or what to look for, you can easily be taken for a ride and have little to nothing to show for all your investment of time and money.


Written by lyceum
1398 days ago

Cate: Thanks for your reply. I agree with you that search engine optimization is a universal thing, but as you say, some markets are smaller than North America and there you have find a more local flavor. Personally, I am all for the long-range, organic SEO approach. The keywords and the search engine formula are changing over time.

Written by lyceum
1399 days ago

Cate: :) Keep up with your great work! Do you see different usage of SEO in different countries?

Written by CateCosta
1399 days ago

Hi Lyceum:

SEO isn't my area of focus so I can't speak as an expert, but it seems to me that SEO is SEO. Finding the correct keywords to target, especially the long-tail keywords, probably varies a bit country to country but the basic principles of how to implement an SEO strategy do not.

However, some countries are much smaller than others so if someone's only looking to win at local SEO, it can be much easier if they're in a smaller market with less competition.

Written by lyceum
1400 days ago

Cate: Thanks for sharing Susan Brown's post. I will show it to a friend who has been working with online marketing since the day Al Gore "invented" the Internet... ;)

Written by CateCosta
1399 days ago

You're welcome. I'm glad you found it share-worthy!

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