JustRetweet is a social media tool that helps you to get retweets for your tweets. The concept behind this tool is quite simple; all it does is to help you to get more visibility for your tweets by getting retweeted by other people.
As you may known that social media can be a sour e of good targeted traffic to a blog, JustRetweet is one those tools that can help your blog posts to go viral on twitter. I have heard of Just Retweet for a while but I never really gave it a try until I launched this blog and I adopted it as one of my social media marketing tools and all I can say it that the result have been awesome.

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Written by thebloggerjourney
736 days ago

I've been using JustRetweet for a while, and the truth is that I have achieved some good results. It is a good way to get some followers on twitter and get some traffic, too.

Written by enstine
737 days ago

That's a great review man. I love the way you flow in the tut. Chris has done a great by adding some more features to the solid foundation Valentine put up

Thanks for the shout out in this post bro

Written by gabuzee
736 days ago

Hi Enstine,

am glad you like the review, and you are worth the shout out ;-) .

Written by bigmoneyweb
737 days ago

It gives me joy anytime I came across a review about JustRetweet because when I started building this tool, there is some other big brands already but I followed my gut and launched it and today the tool has been very useful to other bloggers.

Thanks for sharing your review.

Written by gabuzee
736 days ago

Hi Bigmoneyweb,

the tool have been really helpful, I really like it that was why I did the review.

Thanks for commenting.

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