Here we outline Local SEO optimization tips that can help your business show up higher in the search engine results.  More visibility in the search engines will get you more targeted traffic to your website.


Written by tiroberts
199 days ago

I think local SEO is the easiest type of SEO to do.

Written by GaryShouldis
198 days ago

In some ways local SEO is easier, in other ways, it is much more complicated.

SEO=You are trying to rank a url

Local SEO= You are trying to rank your entire business

SEO=All efforts are geared towards linking to your url/website

Local SEO= Your website is only one small part, you have to optimize your website plus all of your other online web properties as they all matter

SEO= Your only concern is your website

Local SEO= You are trying to rank your website and your Google My Business listing, they both have different algorithms for ranking.

Written by lyceum
203 days ago

Gary: Thanks for the information!

Written by lyceum
205 days ago

Gary: What should you do with the local SEO activity, if you have a home office, but are mostly located on third places, like coffee houses, co-working spaces, etc.?

Written by GaryShouldis
203 days ago

For Google My Business, your home office should be your official location, just set the address as private unless you want your address visible.

You can download the Google My Business mobile app and add images of you at various locations/events as well.

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