Have you been noticing that Disqus comments are becoming quite popular among bloggers recently? The latest post I had read was from Tim Bonner on why he switched his comment system over to Disqus comments. Another one was from Jens Berget and his recent switch to Disqus comments too. It made perfectly good sense to me. I then wondered what other bloggers were doing with their own comment systems. I have been using CommentLuv premium here for years and had not had any problems with it. A few bumps along the way but Andy Bailey is always there to help. So would I or should you jump ship and make the switch in the near future? I’m not sure. I wanted to see what other bloggers had to say about their Disqus comments and what they use and why.


Written by lyceum
1305 days ago

Lisa: Thanks for your reply. Will you stick with Disqus? I have a profile there and like their service. Now and then it looks like it takes some time to load the service on a blog.

Written by lyceum
1306 days ago

Lisa: How about Google+'s comment feature? Have you tested LiveFyre?

Written by Inspiretothrive
1305 days ago

Hi Lyceum, No I haven't used those 2 systems but I know Ms. Ileane loves the Google+ comment System.

Written by HeatherStone
1315 days ago

Hmmmm. Lisa, I think your point about making it easy to comment on a blog or any other social platform is right to the point. If memory serves, Disqus does require a signup. I have no experience with whether CommentLuv does or doesn't. There's also the point that today so many comments happen away from your blog on various social platforms where your contents are shared too. Consider BizSugar here as just one example. I'm wondering. Why do you feel bloggers out there may be considering a switch at the moment in their blog commenting system? And does such a switch involve loosing all your past comments? I'd suspect that would be a pretty big deal!

Written by Inspiretothrive
1315 days ago

Hi Heather, It sure does. I have seen several bloggers over the past week make the switch. They did because of the spam from CommentLuv and many broken links. There is a way to install it that makes you NOT lose your former comments via CommentLuv. It must be done correctly though. Be sure to save the current blogss version before beginning a switch :)

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