Exact Target has surveyed 395 digital marketers to know the methodology they are using to gain more engaged audiences across every internet marketing channel. They found that 91 percent of marketers are involved in email marketing, and it is still the bedrock audience of the 2013's marketers. 66 percent marketers regularly involved with social media which shows that it has become a vital part of their strategy. Check out this infographic that will help you to understand how to build your digital audience.

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Written by RenaudGagne3x3x3
111 days ago

That was a great infographic. I am amaze that email marketing is still such a powerful and reliable way to drive traffic. Even though we have seen the open rate drop across the board. I personally focus on bring my email subscribers to my blogpost to keep the open high.

It is Sugared, Favorite and I'll share it on G+ :)

Have a nice day!

Written by irfanahmad1989
111 days ago

Thanks for sharing it on G+. Have a great day.

Written by tiroberts
112 days ago

It takes a lot of hard work, persistence, and patience to build a sizable following on social media. But once you've established one it could very well be your biggest asset.

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