7 (Radical?) Ways to Take Your Blogging To Another Level In 2013

7 (Radical?) Ways to Take Your Blogging To Another Level In 2013 Avatar Posted by TimoK under Online Marketing
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Why not try to make 2013 the best blogging year so far? Try these 7 different ways of boosting your blogging productivity.


Written by tiroberts
1947 days ago

Fantastic post, Timo. I especially agree with your first point. I can't count how much money I've wasted on worthless info products that failed to help me get the kind of results I desired. It wasn't until I got close to a coach as well that I began to really see results and start experiencing some major breakthroughs. Your time is much better spent with personal coaching or even small group coaching.

Glad to have found your post on bizsugar. Thanks for sharing!


Written by TimoK
1947 days ago

Thank you :)

Yes, coaching has been the single biggest factor that improved my productivity. That's why I recommend it whenever possible :)



Written by mnb34
1947 days ago

Nice Post! I'm happy you pointed out numbers 1,4,5,6. Those are very important especially when it comes to getting results in a quick time frame. As for numbers 4 & 5 it can be as simple as applying the 80/20 rule. Promote 80% and write 20%...

Written by TimoK
1947 days ago

Thank you!

Glad to hear you found the tips valuable :)



Written by hadoll
1947 days ago

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Written by TimoK
1947 days ago

Hi Heather!

Yeah, that depends how you look at them.

Anyway, great to hear you liked the post.



Written by HeatherStone
1948 days ago

Hi Timo,

Not sure all of these suggestions would really be considered radical, however it probably depends on the blogger. They are definitely great tips and, if there are bloggers who aren't using them, they certainly need to start. Thanks for sharing this with the BizSugar community and for your great contribution, as always.

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