Varied streams of monetization is the name of the internet marketing game. Here's 5 sizzling tips to increase your blog earning from top affiliate marketer Lisa Irby.

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Written by tiroberts
73 days ago

Varied streams of monetization is the name of the internet marketing game.

Written by adrianjock
498 days ago

I was wondering whether is good or not to use a notification bar. The more plugins, the more bounces caused by the fact that the page will not be loaded so quickly. Not everyone likes to wait and wait... But I guess it's worth trying :) By the way, Ti, maybe this is not the right place to ask this question... How do you get traffic to your blog by submitting other people content? :)

Written by tiroberts
497 days ago

Hi Adrian!

So glad to see you here on BizSugar :). I've heard the same about plugins and load time, which is why I don't have many plugins installed on my blog now. However, I do think that the notification bar is definitely a plugin worth installing.

As far as submitting other bloggers post, it's more about building and furthering relationships with bloggers more so than getting direct traffic from it. I believe the best way to build and maintain relationships with influential bloggers is to send them free traffic, any way possible. Bizsugar is a fantastic place to get free traffic, plus this is truly a great article and cetainly worth the share!

The long-term relationships that you build ultimatley hold long-term traffic and other business beneifits ;).

Thanks for commenting and welcome to the BizSugar community!


Written by tiroberts
501 days ago

Fantastic post, Lisa. Thanks for letting us in on Foobar. I was wondering what it was called. I've been seeing it literally on just about every blog I've visited. Now I know where to get it! Great points about the toolbox page too. I'll be revamping my page soon and I'll def be taking your suggestion into consideration :)


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