SEO has changed over the last months to such an extent that not keeping up can seriously harm your websites' ranking. And let's face it - we are talking about


Written by Matrixx
1772 days ago

Thanks everyone with their comments.First i will say this-Google is your enemy if you are sole entrepreneur or small business.Never forget this and always keep protecting yourself from these bastards.Why google may be against guest posting i think because you become less dependable from google and you get free traffic from many places.This is problem to them and not yours.

Written by Adam_Gottlieb
1791 days ago

This is very well written... I'm seeing that a lot of people and businesses (especially the big ones that have the money to throw into their "web optimization" strategies) are very confused about what Google has been penalizing, and they are going to an extreme to avoid getting the search engine axe.

This is also not good; they don't realize that things such as creating a profile on G+ yet leaving it inactive and incomplete or artificially trying to "optimize" the linking within a post, is also going to backfire in the long-run. Just look at what is happening with guest posts.

Nothing works better than understanding your market, knowing where they hang out online, and what problems you can be solving for them or what quality you can give. All these SEO trends, while important, are not the goal. They are only part of the means.

Written by Adam_Gottlieb
1791 days ago

You just answered yourself...

Because guest posting has become such an "easy" and "free" way to get backlinks, it's being abused by seo "professionals" and spammers... And Google has taken notice. See this video of Matt Cutts on the topic

It's only a matter of time before guest post links will be demoted in terms of link juice value

Written by HeatherStone
1791 days ago

Hi Adam,

This is a pretty good article, a good overview.

But Adam, what exactly are you referring to when you say "Just look at what is happening with guest posts." I'm interested, because it seems guest posting this year has become the latest replacement for other methods of getting traffic, like using article submission sites. Sorry if I'm out of the loop on this, but it would be great if you could clarify the point.


~Heather Stone

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