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How to Find Your Company's Voice

How to Find Your Company's Voice Avatar Posted by eleanorpie under Online Marketing
From 4 days ago
Made Hot by: maestro68 on April 19, 2014 9:58 am
Whether you're writing emails or your website's content, having a clear sense of your company's voice will help you deliver better marketing content to your clients and customers. Here are some tips on finding your voice. Read More
You know content marketing is important, but do you know how to create a content strategy of your own? This guide will show you exactly how to come up with a strategy that really works! Read More
Every blogger expects money from his blog in a short period of time. Are you worried about making money from your blog despite of serious efforts on it? Are you already pissed off seeing other bloggers flashing ads on their sites and you believe that they have surpassed you?Know the reasons why you Read More

The State of Digital Marketing 2014

The State of Digital Marketing 2014 Avatar Posted by Wishpond under Online Marketing
From 2 days ago
Made Hot by: OpenSourceMedia on April 18, 2014 7:17 pm
Are you up to date? Are you in the know?

In this presentation we get into the thick of it. We cover:

The 9 biggest problems that modern marketers face
26 online advertising stats
26 email marketing stats
Audience segmentation best practices
And tons more!

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Top 50 SEO Experts

Top 50 SEO Experts Avatar Posted by shuey03 under Online Marketing
From 2 days ago
Made Hot by: NanoTechnologyMedia on April 18, 2014 7:08 pm
Here is Stryde’s take on the Top 50 SEO Experts. To compile this list, we used things like Twitter followers, frequency and quality of interactions in the social realm, breadth and depth of experience, as well as impact on the industry as a whole. By no means is this list exhaustive and it is liste Read More

Theme change and a few bug fixes [April, 2014]

Theme change and a few bug fixes [April, 2014] Avatar Posted by janesheeba under Online Marketing
From 2 days ago
Made Hot by: bloggerpalooza on April 18, 2014 6:53 pm
I hope you like the new site. It is MUCH faster. And more importantly, the bugs - annoying bugs have been fixed.
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With all of the content marketing advice floating around out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed. However, succeeding with web content simply means being human! Read More
Learn How to Get Traffic with Article Marketing. This is a good way to get free traffic to your blog or website online. If you are a newbie online, this information might be very helpful to you. Read More

Google AdWords Get More Competitive with Ad Extensions

Google AdWords Get More Competitive with Ad Extensions Avatar Posted by Xen under Online Marketing
From 3 days ago
Made Hot by: ObjectOriented on April 18, 2014 5:34 am
Previously, Google used two key metrics to calculate AdRank – the maximum CPC bid and the Quality Score of the ad – in order to determine how high the ad should be placed. Now, Google has added ad extensions into the mix, so the algorithms use three key factors, rather than two. Read More
Do you know how people are using your website?

No, really?

Do you know what menu categories they are drawn to?

Do you know where they click on the home page or on inner pages?

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