Why Self Promotion Isn’t Always a Bad Marketing Approach

Why Self Promotion Isn’t Always a Bad Marketing Approach Avatar Posted by DSharkov under Marketing
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When it comes to blogging and social media, self-promotion is not necessarily something bad! Find out why this is true and how to benefit from it!


Written by HeatherStone
1947 days ago

You know, Daniel, I don't think self-promotion has ever been a bad idea. The question is how you handle that self-promotion. The key thing, I think, is engagement. Engaging others is about finding a common ground between your message and the wants and needs of your audience or customers. That's the key to all effective communication, no matter what your ultimate goal. Thanks for sharing this post on BizSugar!

Written by NanoTechnologyMedia
1949 days ago

There really isn't any problem with self promotion. It's just that so many people promote themselves TOO much without anything to offer. That's what makes self promotion a bad thing.

Written by tiroberts
1949 days ago

Hi Daniel,

I love your take on self-promotion. I think that it's definitely needed if you hope to build a credible reputation and brand online.

Blogging is a competitive niche and it's even more competitive if you're seeking to drive traffic through social media so why not show off some of your own results to get others attention?

I think this is especially necessary if you want to get on the radars of the top bloggers.

I actually followed my own self-promotion formula and it's done wonders for helping me build my traffic and community. And I've even built some awesome relationships with authority bloggers such as Lisa Irby, Ana Hoffman, and Ileane Smith just to name a few.

It's all about self-promotion in a way that is going to help your readers while at the same time increasing your exposure and solidifying your creditably.

This is a subject that I don't see much content on. Thanks for touching on this topic. I think it was needed and I appreciate it! :)


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