Why Business Website is More Important Than Your Facebook Page

Why Business Website is More Important Than Your Facebook Page Avatar Posted by wdoutjah under Marketing
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We all know that technology is changing fast and along with it, businesses that rely on it needs to cope up with these changes. Relying too much on Facebook and in it alone may cost you a lot. Remember that there are lot more social networking sites and a new lot more will rise online. Facebook may be the leader on social networking but who knows, tomorrow it may be replaced by new ones considering that there are lots of competitors Facebook needs to face.


Written by logistico
1716 days ago

You have the point. But number this number 1 social media may help your business website to become popular. And being connected to the rampant sites or media make your business website popular. Therefore if your site is already popular, it may help you to have more costumers and generate more income. Its sound mutualism really help. Have more friends through Facebook or any social site to have more viewer of your business website advertisement.

Written by BizRock
1717 days ago

Great reasons why business website is more important than your facebook page.

I totally agree with your opinion.Thanks for useful article!

Written by bigmoneyweb
1717 days ago

In my own opinion, its not advisable at all to focus more on facebook or any other social media for that matter. Even apart from more coming out, what of facebook suddenly shuts down or they changed their rules? It means that all those fan's of your will be gone.

You cannot compare having your own website to having a facebook page indeed. Your own website is your own and you handles everything there so, why not stop wasting your precious time on Faceook and start building your own audience now via a business website? Thanks for sharing this with us here.


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