There is a problem with how we look at traffic generation.

We have things backwards.

We get so focused on how we need to drive traffic to our blog that we miss out something that hinders our future success.

But, when we switch our focus to this crucial step which we have been missing, we can accomplish much more with exactly the same amount of traffic.

In this post I will show you what your number 1 priority should be and what you can do to start getting more email subscribers, product sales, enquiries for your services and more.


Written by lyceum
1317 days ago

Adam: Thanks for the contact information. I got a notification with your email address via BizSugar. Talk to you soon again! :)

Written by lyceum
1318 days ago

Adam: I will do that! Please repeat your email address. Thanks! :)

Written by lyceum
1322 days ago

Adam: Please send me an email about dates when we could have a Skype chat! :)

If you want, you could use my MeetMe page on Doodle! ;)

Written by adamjayc
1318 days ago

I'm not sure on dates right now, Martin. Got a bunch of different projects I'm working on that have thrown my schedule out over the next few weeks - feel free to drop me an email in a few weeks so we can talk more.

Written by lyceum
1322 days ago

Adam: When you have time, I want to discuss this topic with you, in more detail. I don't really have a conversion goal. I am thinking in "bigger terms"... ;) I want to bounce back and forth with you on this issue. It could make a great podcast show! ;)

I will do changes to my first blog, removing some ads and adding some other positive and beautiful banners. I like to have my Twitter and lifestream feed on my blogs, and I will tell you why, when we talk... :)

Written by adamjayc
1322 days ago

Sure thing, Martin. Could be a very interesting discussion :)

Looking forward to hear your motivations behind keeping the Twitter and lifestream feeds!

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