Social Oomph Review – Just How Good Is It?

Social Oomph Review – Just How Good Is It? Avatar Posted by adamjayc under Marketing
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In the following review you are going to get the low down on a social media management tool called Social Oomph. You’ll find out why I use it and whether it’s worth you checking it out, read on to find out more.


Written by HeatherStone
1761 days ago

Hi Adam,

Just taking a look at the site now, as a matter of fact. Thanks for sharing the review with the BizSugar community. A couple of quick questions here:

1. I'm guessing the major advantage over tools like HootSuite is the amount of stuff you can do in one place (blog post and social media scheduling, for example.) But I'm wondering if there are other comparable sites out there you would say are in the same ballpark.

2. There are those who feel this scheduling stuff can go a bit too far. Where do you stand on this stuff? What percentage of your social activity should be scheduled in advance? How do you avoid looking like a social media robot?

Love if you could share your insights in the BizSugar community too for all to see.

Written by adamjayc
1761 days ago

Hi Heather,

Thanks for the comment - it's much appreciated.

In answer to your questions:

1) If there is one, I haven't found it yet. Most tools seem to stick specifically to managing blogs or managing social media. When it comes to social media most of them seem to be at a much higher price point apart from the likes of Hootsuite and Tweetdeck for example.

2) I admit it can sometimes go a bit too far, but it does have it's uses. We can't always be at our phone ready to tweet or at our computer with our mouse finger poised ready to share. For a lot of people, mostly youngsters who spend all day tweeting and sharing memes on Facebook, pictures of their food on Instagram - that's not a problem. Unfortunately for me, that's a rarity at the moment - all of my free time disappeared when I started managing a marketing agency.

As for the % of social activity that should be scheduled, I don't feel like its the fact that it's scheduled that's important; I see it that it's how helpful what you're tweeting about is to your audience. I tend to have more scheduled posts going out than I like purely because life gets in the way and in the way, I'm glad it does get in the way because it's way to easy to spend hours and hours with our heads buried in Twitter or Facebook and not even notice that any time has gone by.

Some people think immediately about sharing something personal, some say that's a bad idea and depending on how you position yourself that could be right. I think it boils down to engaging with people as much as possible (and I don't have time to do this nearly as much as I would like to).

At the end of the day, I try to forget the magic numbers that people throw around, whether I could look like a social robot and all of that - but I just ask myself a single question; will this tweet/share help someone? It doesn't have to help everyone but it has to help someone.

There's always a problem or a piece of information somebody needs to find out and if I can help provide an answer to them then that's all that matters.

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