Niche Marketing: How to Identify Niches and Find Untapped Profit

Niche Marketing: How to Identify Niches and Find Untapped Profit - Avatar Posted by MMarquit under Marketing
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Niche marketers know that consumers are chasing the “long tail” on the Internet. Instead of marketing to a huge demographic of mainstream preferences, online marketers are looking at selling to niche demographics.


Written by AngelBiz
1818 days ago

Miranda - Excellent post. Niche marketing is one way small businesses can compete with their large competitors. This is how many of the start-ups got started. Finding a hole in the market and catering to that demographic is the best way to generate profit.

Written by lyceum
1819 days ago

Miranda: The "Wired" guy's long tail is often discussed. How would you differentiate a niche market from a mainstream market?

Btw: What's Odovox?

Written by SusanVelez
1827 days ago

Hi Miranday,

Just read your blog post and it is definitely informative and will help anyone understand how to do their keyword research.

Written by tiroberts
1828 days ago

Extremely informational piece, Miranda. I'll be sure to share it with my social circle. :)

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