Marketing 101 for Small Business

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From 414 days ago
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Do you cringe at the thought of marketing? Are you not sure where to get started, or how to make it effective? Here's a six step plan you can implement to tell others how you help them. Because really, that is all that marketing is, communicating the value you provide to those you're meant to serve.

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Written by lyceum
396 days ago

Angela: Great to hear that! Talk to you soon again.

Written by lyceum
397 days ago

Angela: Thank you very much for your reply. I will check out the guide and then contact you via email

Written by AngelaMoore
396 days ago

Sounds good! I look forward to connecting further. -Angela

Written by lyceum
399 days ago

Angela Moore: I am interested in learning more about The Biz Farmer...

Yes, I am exploring the possibilities with long-range planning at the moment. Do you have tips on planning tools?

Written by AngelaMoore
398 days ago

Hi Martin,

I'd love to do what I can to help. My goal with the Biz Farmer is to provide resources that help small biz owners grow their business -and have more time. My four pillars are focusing on vision (identifying opportunities), strategy (with emphasis around marketing), execution and productivity.

I've a study guide that includes a downloadable planning calendar that I've found helpful...if you'd like to check it out visit here: I'm happy to communicate by email too, and see how I can help! angela (at) Thanks!

Written by lyceum
406 days ago

Yes, it is. What are you planning ahead at this moment?

Written by AngelaMoore
405 days ago

I'm still in launch mode with The Biz Farmer, so my planning right now is around providing valuable content, building relationships, and working on my first product launch later this fall. But I do have a plan for the tools I'd like to create over the next 12 months, which I'm excited about.

How about you? Is there some planning you can do now that will set you off to a great start in 2014?

Written by lyceum
406 days ago

Angela Moore: I have to work on ensuring execution of the business part in the future... Make an Annual Plan is a great tip that I will plan ahead for my upcoming worklife year.

Written by AngelaMoore
406 days ago

Great! I'm so glad it helped. It's easy to get busy and forget to plan ahead.

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