Saving customers’ time can help to keep them buying your products or services. Here is a story how one small business saw the customer signals which led to increased customer retention and sales. As well here is how you can use this quick way to keep customers buying your products or services.


Written by AngelBiz
907 days ago

Susan - Excellent point. Knowing you customer at both individual level (Hi Mike - Would you like your usual?) as well as aggregate level (more customers like banana and strawberry flavor ice cream) can help businesses tailor their products and services to them. The key is to make their lives easier and simpler as you stated. In these when everyone is always in rush to finish multiple tasks the customers will appreciate it.

Written by m4bmarketing
907 days ago

Hi Harry,

Great point about the individual and aggregate level and agree it can help to tailor products or services. Thanks for adding this.


Written by tiroberts
907 days ago

Yes, I agree, Susan bought out some great points in this piece. I like to focus on the personal aspect. I've learned that that treating each customer as an individual has such a huge impact on future business and it's important to keep that at the forefront.

Thanks again, Susan, for sharing your valuable insights with our community.


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