Business Resolutions for Egg Marketing 2018

Business Resolutions for Egg Marketing 2018 Avatar Posted by smpayton under Marketing
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Made Hot by: mikehartman1 on January 3, 2018 6:49 pm
Happy New Year!

Today is the first day of a blank slate. What will you make of it with your business?


Written by lyceum
195 days ago

Susan: No worries! ;)

Written by lyceum
196 days ago

Susan: Great to hear! Will you keep the egg logotype? I am always thinking of you when I see an egg! ;)

Written by smpayton
195 days ago

I can't tell you that! Mainly because I don't know yet!

Written by lyceum
196 days ago

Susan: I enjoyed to read about your plans for this year! I am pivoting my own podcast, due to my involvement with other podcasts as a co-host and a producer. I will also be working with a meta podcast project. I will continue to blog and write on my new domain, Tea Book Sketches. I will also do blogging for a site on business ideas (in Swedish). I am open for speaking engagements on new media (especially podcasting), business philosophy (e.g., organizational leadership) and the good life (including tea).

All the Best,


Written by smpayton
196 days ago

Martin, that's awesome! It's so good to really zero in on what works, and clearly you're doing that. I'm getting a new rebrand on logo and site soon, so I'm excited about that!

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