40 ways you can reward your brand fans right now

40 ways you can reward your brand fans right now Avatar Posted by marketingnerd under Marketing
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Brand fans are the lifeblood of any business. They refer new customers, leave positive reviews online and even defend you from criticism. They also buy more frequently, stay longer and buy more expensive versions of your product.

The odd thing is, as marketers we often take them for granted and treat them the same as any other customer or prospect.

Here are 40 ideas you can implement right now to reward your brand fans and make them love you even more.


Written by HeatherStone
1668 days ago

Honestly, Matthew, it often seems as if most entrepreneurs and small business owners are constantly in acquisition mode seeking to bring new customers in with the logic that customers who already buy your product don't need as much attention. That might be a good strategy in very specific businesses where customers are only likely to buy your product or service once or infrequently, but in most businesses, existing customers are often the best source of future sales...and of great word of mouth which is the best marketing anyway. The list of huge brands that have grown by catering to their existing fan base is long including names like Apple, Starbucks, Amazon and more. Concentrating on your fans is usually the best way to both increase sales and spread the word about your business. Thanks for sharing this great post with the BizSugar community.

Written by marketingnerd
1668 days ago

Thanks for the comment Heather. Rewarding brand fans is hugely enjoyable as well as productive. It's a great focus of marketing resources (time & money).

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