2018: The Year When Marketing Came Back To Its Roots

2018: The Year When Marketing Came Back To Its Roots Avatar Posted by KEXINO under Marketing
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The future of marketing is a diverse and modern combination of data analysis, technical and semantic SEO, social, and creative disciplines working together.


Written by lyceum
107 days ago


Thanks for the information! ;)

Thanks for your kind words! :)

Have a prosperous 2018!

All the Best,


Written by lyceum
107 days ago

Gee: Great to hear! As a nice guy and a new media marketer, I look forward to this year! ;) By the way: What is the name of the pen? It looks sharp. I want to tell my co-hosts Johan Gustaphzon and Johan Gudmundson, about this image. We are doing a podcast together called "Pen Meets Paper" (Penna Möter Papper in Swedish).

Written by KEXINO
107 days ago

Hi Martin,

Sorry, I don't know what kind of pencil it is - I just liked the look of it :)

The image is from a royalty-free site - https://www.pexels.com/photo/gray-white-click-pencil-159585/

While I'm here, I'd like to wish you all the best for 2018 and thank you for your continued support and feedback on my articles here on Bizsugar. It means a lot!

~ Gee

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