Why do so many businesses fail?

Why do so many businesses fail? Avatar Posted by Rich Greene under Management
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It’s a simple question. Let’s start with the assumption there is a market for what you do and your initial capital investment is adequate (without these basics the business is doomed even before it starts)… So why do the majority of new enterprises fail? Is it bad marketing? Too little cash flow? Poor quality (product or service)? Failure to adapt to change? These are some problems that can tank a company and I am sure if we put our minds to it, we could come up with a much longer list of problems. However, these problems are not at the root of a business’ failure, they may have caused the final death blow… but these are really symptoms to a bigger problem.


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1221 days ago

Bottom line is starting and running a small business is hard work! Guaranteed, what you start with will change after initial contact with the market, and if it doesn't I suggest you rethink how your doing. With so many hats to wear it can quickly become overwhelming..sure people are buying your product, but are they paying on time and how does that impact your cash-flow and planning process...

Thanks for supporting other small business owners and appreciate the post.

Written by Rich Greene
1220 days ago

Exactly,and you are right on point. It is the so many different tactical issues that bury most businesses. Owners cannot see the proverbial forest for the trees. They work "in" their business to the detriment of working on the business. It all needs to be handled, the question becomes... how to do it all? what are the biggest hurdles? and how do I overcome them. Being clear on WHY, allows you to focus more clearly. Thank you for the comment

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