Surviving Burnout: How to Stay Productive and Sane

Surviving Burnout: How to Stay Productive and Sane Avatar Posted by shatekpatrick under Management
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Highly motivated employees typically work at a higher level, and are willing to work harder at their craft, but at some point the ship has to drop anchor. Whether you (or your team) has just completed a massive outreach project, published its first eBook or has finally dealt with a particularly horrible problem your software’s back end, intense sprints of work can really take their toll.


Written by tiroberts
661 days ago

Great tips! I've def suffered from burnout!

Written by joannw2016
665 days ago

The key to avoiding burnout is not to over exert. Learn your limitations physically and mentally. Know when you need to stop and call it a day and time to cool down for your much needed rest. Always remember that no matter how good you are you are not indispensable. It will be better for you to accomplish less but function well, than do more but do a lot of damage due to errors or bad judgement.

Written by iamviqui
665 days ago

Prevention is better than cure. Avoid multitasking and taking on too much assignment. Its better to accomplish less but with stellar results rather than accomplish many but with mediocre quality.

Feed your body and your mind and let it rest. Have fun, do something to cool down. Have a positive work-life balance.

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