Destructive Employees...You Have to Stop Them

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What are the qualities of destructive employees and what you must do about it? recently listed some of the qualities of a destructive employee who, while they may not have done something that can cause them to get fired, can still be a living nightmare for a manager and other employees.


Written by rhettpower
911 days ago


Thanks for your questions.

1) I have a friend who is a manager at an agency in the US Government and he has several of these types of people who he can't do much with…especially fire. In some large organizations it often takes multiple layers of approval to let someone go...meaning you have to have support at all those levels to make it happen.

2) Its hard to identify these people and nothing is full proof. I have taken to looking at peoples social media accounts to get a better idea of the real person. I'm always amazed that lots of employers don't check references. Although former employers can't say much the tone of how they say it and what they don't say can tell you lots. I also let some of my employees talk and interview perspective employees. I've found they often have a different take on the candidate.

Hope this helps.


Written by HeatherStone
912 days ago

Hi Rhett,

Thanks for the in-depth analysis on employee management. Two important questions (for those of our members who do manage a team): First, under what circumstances would you be unable to fire these kinds of employees? (I'm sure you have examples.) Second, what pointers could you share about recognizing these individuals during the hiring process? (I'm sure they don't come in wearing a sign that says "problem employee!") It would be great if you could share some pointers for the benefit of the whole BizSugar community.

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