It is hard to lead people struggling with poverty and discouragement. In such situations it is not enough to know the way and to walk the way yourself. You need to bring people with you as do it.

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Written by bigmoneyweb
434 days ago

I agree with your post and one quality I would encourage you to include is integrity. It enables people to follow challenging and difficult paths if they know the leader is operating with integrity. At the core organizations are comprised of people. When a leader operates with integrity, the best interests of the organization and therefore the people are guarded.

Thanks for sharing!

Written by sigbjorn
434 days ago

What you are saying is so true. If the people dont trust the leader, they will not follow them anywhere. If they see that the leader gives 120% himself, they will easier follow after as they know that they follow someone who do their uttermost to see this go through to success... Really greateful for your input!

Written by tcamba
434 days ago

People are generally afraid to go out of the norms. They don't want to feel uncomfortable. Leaders are there to help others who are scared. They're there to tell them that blogging isn't as scary as you think it is.

Written by sigbjorn
434 days ago

I guess that is what the entire article is about, that the leader need to make some really uncomfortable steps helping others. The paradox is that you often could do it just as well on your own, but a part of our calling is to help others, so we will do it to show the way and help people out of the mud.

Written by zioncampo
434 days ago

A good leader walks the talk and not just keep on nagging and nagging. In blogging, a good leader should always show their best practices. If they write about good SEO practices then they should practice good SEO. Leaders should also take time to reply to comments to show that they care about the people who read their posts. Encourage people to blog, not just for cash but for personal reasons too.

Written by sigbjorn
434 days ago

Hey there! Really thankful for your comment and so glad you took your time to read the article and post your comment there as well.

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