Management section: includes articles related to small business management. It can serve as your go-to resource for finding best practices, tips and advice on how to communicate with your employees, how to get the best out of limited resources, what to do when there's a crisis etc.

Projection is the art of thinking ahead and using your imagination and common sense, to predict all the problematic and probable situations that may occur or having the necessary procedures ready at hand, to deal with any problem more quickly and more efficiently.
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Breaking the Rules of the Game: Training Small Business Owners

Breaking the Rules of the Game: Training Small Business Owners Avatar Posted by lyceum under Management
From 2 days ago
Made Hot by: AmyJordan on August 5, 2015 8:36 am
Your Business Professor was teaching our 5-year-old boy some basketball moves in our backyard court …
Grab a jersey here. Push there. Lean. Scream.
Charmaine looked out the window from her home office. As a Kentucky Wildcats fan, she understands basketball’s contact nature, but she had never hear Read More
Wanting to become a successful entrepreneur? Do you want to earn fame, money and a good reputation? Are you passionate about business and making quick money? Read More

The Worst Thing about Best Practices

The Worst Thing about Best Practices Avatar Posted by Dagmar_R under Strategy
From 4 days ago
Made Hot by: thecorneroffice on August 3, 2015 7:48 am
Few consulting “tools” are more widely abused these days than so-called best practices. It’s no wonder most supermarkets, airlines, and so on look astonishingly similar—they’ve been busy copying each other’s best practices for decades. Here are four reasons you should dump best practices. Read More
Angelique Schumacher is an Associate Partner at Neu Citizen specializing in client services, project management and “Neu” business. Her client list encompasses major hotel and hospitality brands, including CityCenter, The Grand Del Mar, and most recently, Hilton. She is also the proud mother of two Read More

3 Habits of Successful Individuals

3 Habits of Successful Individuals Avatar Posted by ivanpw under Self-Development
From 5 days ago
Made Hot by: blogexpert on August 2, 2015 9:05 am
There is always a few important elements that provide the framework upon which massive success can be built. Here are three of them. Read More

How to Write the Perfect Job Description in Four Steps

How to Write the Perfect Job Description in Four Steps Avatar Posted by Caron_Beesley under Management
From 5 days ago
Made Hot by: businessluv on August 2, 2015 8:39 am
Small businesses are particularly susceptible to making the wrong hiring decisions. It’s an expensive mistake. And, while there’s no silver bullet for hiring the perfect candidate, one often overlooked step in the process is the job description itself. To help you understand the elements of a poorl Read More
Are you guilty of committing these 10 common office etiquette mistakes!? If you are, there is probably a great chance others are also committing them as well. Be sure to check out the list in this latest TekShouts! article! Read More
You might have read a multitude of articles and books on productivity in the workplace, but how much thought have you put into the amount of quality sleep you get each night? There are plenty of different ways to increase your productivity, for sure, but one of the best you might not have considere Read More

Turn 2015 into Your Best Year Yet in 33 Steps

Turn 2015 into Your Best Year Yet in 33 Steps Avatar Posted by MyCorporation under Management
From 7 days ago
Made Hot by: DigiTechBlog on July 31, 2015 10:45 am
It's not too late! Our guest poster this week gave us 33 steps to help us stay motivated for the last half of the year. Read More

5 Things Your Latino Employees Wish You Understood

Latino employees are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. workforce – in fact, by some estimates one in three working …

Nick Stamoulis @NickStamoulis Has the Solution

Nick Stamoulis has the solution for getting your business noticed. With 12 years experience, Stamoulis is founder and … More
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