Protecting Your Small Business From Employee Lawsuits

Protecting Your Small Business From Employee Lawsuits Avatar Posted by jondyer under Legal
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While they may not be the top thing entrepreneurs think about, lawsuits are not something to be to taken lightly. One of the most common legal threats facing small business owners is the risk of employee lawsuits. Luckily these are avoidable when you take a few precautions.


Written by jacksmith91011
385 days ago

This write up is very important, this is exactly my friend was looking. I is so good. Thanks for sharing.

Written by lyceum
425 days ago

Jon: Thanks for your input. I think that the legal field will be transformed by the usage of new technology in the future, e.g., with the help of A.I.

Written by lyceum
426 days ago

Wow, that is a pretty big number. Do every small business organization have a legal department?

Written by jondyer
426 days ago

I would think that most small businesses don't have a legal department and that it's probably not realistic that they could. However having a legal advisor help you create or at least look over your policies and having a lawyer you can contact with issues is a very wise idea.

Written by lyceum
429 days ago

Jon: How often is it occurring that small businesses are getting involved in lawsuits from employees?

Written by jondyer
428 days ago

I'm not sure what the annual average is in terms of how many but I've seen that as many as 40% of employee lawsuits filed are against companies with less than 100 employees.

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