Most small business owners specialize in a particular aspect of the business. They might be expert product developers, IT specialists or accountants. When a business owner can focus on performing his or her strengths, the business grows.

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Written by Dave Hubbard
2307 days ago

An additional option is to outsource the task, not the employee. Outsource selected marketing services, such as writing/distributing a press release or creating a website, rather than trying to hire a contractor on an hourly basis or trying to train an employee to become a specialist. Many of these services can be purchased at a fixed published price at websites like Marketing Outfield. These marketing investments can result in increased profit, allowing you to grow your core group of employees.

Written by Sian Phillips
2307 days ago

Great post. I'm always saying to stick what you're good at and delegate the rest thus using a pool of expertise available rather than struggling yourself. Thanks for sharing on

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