4 Tips To Ensure We Are Using This Viable Business Communication Channel Well.

Texting is a valid form of communication that can enhance information flow if used properly. We need to define and understand how to best use it rather than assume everyone is on board. This article outlines 4 Tips To Ensure We Are Using This Viable Business Communication Channel Well. It is not as obvious as you think! Please take a look.

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Written by tiroberts
640 days ago

I think it's rather rude to be texting while on the job. Especially if you're in a business meeting. There should definitely be text-etiquette rules put into place to cut down on all the unnecessary madness that comes along with too much texting. Thanks for sharing your insights with us.


Written by Mentorship4U
640 days ago

Couldn't agree more..but how many people do it... even managers/leaders are guilty. People's time is valuable..at all levels..if your going to have a meeting at least mutually respect their time.

I always had a rule that everyone had to turn their phones off and put them away. Have an agenda sent prior to the meeting so everyone could come prepared to add value.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. It is good to know that I am not alone in this view. Great article!

Written by Mentorship4U
641 days ago

Couldn't agree more...there is using these valuable resources to be more productive..but far too often it crosses the line into rude or reduced productivity because you don't engage individuals in front of you. Appreciate the feedback!

Written by Webdev1
644 days ago

Mobile devices are part of our life now.And texting has become pervasive Lately, employees tend to spend too much time texting than working. Companies should really establish work text-etiquette to their employees. Thanks for this post!

Written by stacieawalker
644 days ago

It's becoming far too common for people to be glued to their devices. I bump into people on the street, when I'm at a conference, I think it is straight up rude for anyone to be on their device. My, my, how the world has changed. Thanks for sharing this post.

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