How to deal with employees leaving you!

How to deal with employees leaving you! Avatar Posted by Berndgeropp under Human Resources
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It can be really tough when employees resign – when they suddenly quit their job. Especially if he or she is one of your key employees.

How do you react? Why did your employee leave? Bad management is not always the reason…

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Written by HeatherStone
485 days ago

Hi Bernd,

Certainly it isn't always dissatisfaction that causes employers to move on. Sometimes it's a better opportunity. What can you do? I do think it's a good idea to find out if there is another reason, however. Does this happen regularly to you? Are they really leaving for a better position or are they simply taking any position available to get out of your company? I think these are some of the key questions you must answer first to figure out whether further soul searching is necessary.

Written by Berndgeropp
485 days ago


You are certainly right: If you have people leaving regularly, chances are high that they are not just leaving for a better position but that they just want to get out of your company. You need to address that problem. Thanks for your good comment.

Written by bigmoneyweb
488 days ago

When an employee leaves his job, a lot of pressure and added work is placed on his employer. It's always a challenging time when an employee quits. There are legal issues to consider, productivity lapses to factor in and the costs of hiring and training a new employee to think about. Thanks for sharing.

Written by Berndgeropp
488 days ago

That's true, but the most important question the employer should ask: Why did the employee leave. If the employer does not dig deep into this question, he might have the same problem again quite soon...

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