Hire to grow your business. Live by this one simple rule when it comes to your reasons for hiring and the way that you approach attracting potential candidates. If you are not hiring to grow your business, then what are you hiring for? To manage the status quo, to stop the bleeding caused by previous employees, out of desperation, or are you just hiring to fill an immediate need?

Sadly, most organizations hire with no long-term thoughts other than to fill an immediate need. The problem with not focusing on the long-term results and consequences of hiring is that you end up looking for the cheapest available person to fill your immediate needs. The cheapest available person to fill your immediate needs most likely does not have the skills, experience, or desire to work with you on the much larger picture of growing your company.

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Written by wega
734 days ago

Thank you very much

Written by tcamba
734 days ago

Thanks for sharing!

Written by tcamba
734 days ago

These are great tips on how to make hiring process successful. Employees greatly affect the quality of your products or services. Your business will not prosper if you employ the wrong persons. Invest in quality to get quality results.

Written by lyceum
734 days ago

The hiring should be a two-way street process. The employeer and the employee are traders. Have you heard about the hiring process at Zappos?

Written by HeatherStone
735 days ago

Hi Mark,

Great post here. I think this is an interesting way to look at hiring. Adding people to your business will add to your costs so there should also be improvement to your bottom line. One good approach would be to look at the projected increase in profitability to be sure new hires will bring the desired added value.

Written by BizRock
735 days ago

Great post! You cant grow your business when you hire wrong people so always look for better employees which will work for company better!

Thank you for sharing!

Written by bigmoneyweb
737 days ago

Well written article. Finding and hiring the best applicant for a job is no easy task. With lots of people looking for work, it is challenging to work out how to pick the best person from a large number of candidates. Whether you are about to hire your first employee, or you have taken on staff many times before, you know the feeling. It can be a leap in the dark. Thanks for sharing.

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