3 Personalities To Prepare For When Firing An Employee

3 Personalities To Prepare For When Firing An Employee Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Human Resources
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By Kelly Gregorio

For most managers, having to fire people is a low point of their position. Truth be told, the situation promises to be slightly awkward and uncomfortable for each party involved, even more so for the employee. Those in the hot seat can react to being let go in a variety of different ways; read-on to learn how to handle each curved counteraction.

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Written by ryandonegan
430 days ago

Loved this one Sian!

Written by tcamba
456 days ago

I can't think imagine of getting fired as well as firing someone. It is traumatic as the employee would continually ask himself if he was not good enough. HR people have a lot of things on their plate.

Written by Sian Phillips
457 days ago

Welcome to Tweak Your Biz Kelly - and with an amazing first post. Thankfully I've only ever been in the position to fire two employees. The first when I was only 18 and she was older than me - my father thought it would be a good learning curve for me. Left me traumatised as she was so angry. The second was years later and again it wasn't a nice experience for me but at least the girl was very understanding this time. I'm sure your post will be helping a lot of people that don't necessarily have the HR training that is really needed to deal with situations like that.

Written by bigmoneyweb
457 days ago

Having to fire an employee is one of the most difficult and traumatic decisions that a business owner can make. Letting an employee go is hard not only on the employee, but also on the employer, and the other employees in your company. It is a decision that should never be undertaken lightly. Thanks for sharing.

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