11 Tasks You Can Outsource as a Small Business Owner

11 Tasks You Can Outsource as a Small Business Owner Avatar Posted by ivanpw under Human Resources
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More and more small business owners are outsourcing their work nowadays. Here are some of the tasks a small business owner can outsource.


Written by Alexandra_Smith
242 days ago

It is far better than outsourcing for a startup or small business owner to hire some professionals & lead from the front from initial phases to strong business lines.

Written by ivanpw
239 days ago


Most definitely - if you have the budget, that is :)

Written by lyceum
250 days ago

Ivan: Thanks for the information!

All the Best,


Written by lyceum
255 days ago

Ivan: I have heard about the term, chat bot, but I don't know how this robot is chatting! ;) Amy of X.ai has a natural tone to "her" conversation, so I have had guests who have thought they have been communicating with a real person.

Written by previsomedia
251 days ago


It's typically text-based chat, actually :) Usually in the customer support setting.

Written by lyceum
255 days ago

Ivan: Check out:


I have been talking about X.ai's service now and then during my podcast show.

Written by ivanpw
255 days ago


Quite interesting!

Just wondering, what do you think of chatbots?

Written by lyceum
257 days ago

Ivan: I haven't been able to outsource so much yet. I don't have the budget at the moment. But I have outsource a part of my podcasting workflow. I have a virtual assistant (powered by A.I.), scheduling the guest on my show.

Written by ivanpw
256 days ago


Please tell me more about A.I. :)

Written by tiroberts
259 days ago

How do you know when it's time to outsource

Written by ivanpw
257 days ago


For me, it's the time when I just couldn't strategize well for my business due to the lack of time. Then I know that I've got to outsource one or two business functions :)

Written by lyceum
264 days ago

Ivan: Which tasks have you outsourced?

Written by ivanpw
257 days ago


I mainly outsource content creation, design and some social media activities.

How about you?

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