Len Smith was making a good living as a copywriter in England. He had written a book and had consistent work pulling in at least $120,000 a year.

But then Udemy contacted him.

They wanted to turn his book, "How to Be a Copywriter and Earn Money from Home", into an online course. He developed the course (along with a string of others) and started earning an additional $2-4k every month.

When Smith started adding a little more time to promotion, his course income jumped to $6,500 a month.

It takes Smith about 40 hours to make a course initially, but after that, he spends only ten hours a week on its maintenance and marketing.

His latest course “Copywriting Secrets — How To Write Copy That Sells,” earned $3,000 in just two days.

Simply put: You can make a lot of money with online courses in a short amount of time.

Neil Patel is going to show you exactly how to do that in this article.


Written by tiroberts
341 days ago

Very valuable tips

Written by ravichahar
344 days ago

Hey Erik,

It's always good to read the success stories. Lan has reached to a peak level using an online course.

Thanks for sharing with us.


Written by pvariel
344 days ago

Hey Erik,

The story of Len Smith is indeed an amazing one.

The way in which he started making money is really a surprising story.

It is really good to know the opportunity to make money via online courses.

Thanks for sharing. I am sharing this wonderful strategy to my friends around.

Keep sharing.

Have a great time of sharing and caring.


~ Phil

Written by nicregi
344 days ago

Hi Erik,

This is a great post and thanks for sharing. Online courses are the big things now and can't agree more!

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