Artificial intelligence and machine learning have far surpassed the “eye roll” reaction they once sparked…

They have become essential tools for many large e-commerce brands to operate at such scale — and both, while also becoming more advanced, are increasing in prominence with each year that goes by (in a multitude of sectors).

The marketing revolution is here, and CMOs can’t escape it.

Is your e-commerce brand ahead of the curve, or rapidly falling behind the times?

Here are some of the core enhancements that AI and machine learning can bring to your e-commerce business — which serve as solid reasons to swiftly implement this technology and beat your competition (including some groundbreaking AI tools you simply don’t want to miss).


Written by lyceum
279 days ago

Erik: I did! Do you have a favorite drink? ;)

Written by jamesmabieo
278 days ago


[Moderator's note: removed link. ^ML]

Written by lyceum
282 days ago

Erik: Are you a stand-up comedian in Italy? ;)

Written by erikemanuelli
281 days ago

Martin: I hope you found it funny! :)

Written by ravichahar
283 days ago

Hey Erik,

I am glad Sam has pointed this. AI is the future for sure.

Thanks for sharing with us.


Written by Sam-Hurley
283 days ago

Yes buddy! And the future is NOW! :-O

Thanks for your valued time, Ravi :-)

Written by Sam-Hurley
283 days ago

Thanks for sharing this one, Erik! :-D

Big up the bots!! Hehehe! :-)))

Written by erikemanuelli
283 days ago

A robot walks into a bar. "What can I get you?" the bartender asks. "I need something to loosen up," the robot replies. So the bartender serves him a screwdriver.

Ba dum tss.

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