Franchise Businesses Really Are Local Businesses

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Some people don't look at franchise businesses as being local businesses. But, they are. Really. Nine out of ten franchises are locally-owned, yet they're usually bypassed during those, "Buy Local" promotions held during the warmer months in most places. See why, and help me change that!


Written by HeatherStone
1944 days ago

Hi Joel,

One of the interesting things about the buy local movement is that its ideals are, and to some degree must be, I suppose, relative. Besides local produce and perhaps a few locally manufactured products, how many businesses are truly local? Certainly, many community retailers buy their merchandise from the same national wholesalers chain stores do and independent restaurants, except for those that buy only from local suppliers, purchase at least some of their ingredients in exactly the same way. I think most small business owners understand the value of the buy local movement in supporting at least locally owned businesses. But why shouldn't this apply to franchise owners, who certainly own the businesses they operate in the community too? Thanks for sharing this post on BizSugar.

Written by franpro
1944 days ago

Crazy, huh?

here's one to make your head spin; my wife just leased a new Toyota Camry. it has the highest USA built and made content of ANY vehicle sold here. JL

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