By Andrew Cravenho

Small and medium sized enterprises seeking finance may want to consider invoice factoring. Invoice factoring is an example of how traditional financial arrangements are entering into new accounting practices toward sustainability.


Written by elainerogers
1911 days ago

I often get frustrated that people cannot just pay on time. I know there is so much at stake by witholding money, on both sides, but the small business owner is always the one to lose out the most - especially with cash-flow.

That has a knock-on effect - they don't get paid, so cannot pay the other small business who provides services, and on and on.

And we have to pay the big companies up front, or on time! No lee-way. Rant over!

Great post by Andrew, and I agree about discounting - I use it to get paid on or before time - improves my cash-flow immensely.

I enjoyed especially your points 3 and 4, especially for the medium size business or HTSU that is expanding quickly - and finance is desperately needed.

Written by lyceum
1914 days ago

Have you read Grant Thornton's report on how invoice payment times vary dramatically around the world? 10 years ago, average days for payment of sales invoices in:

Italy - 83 days

Ireland - 59 days

USA - 40 days

Do you think that this payment pattern has changed 10 years later? Factoring must be a reliable form of getting paid in time at several places around the world.

Written by elainerogers
1911 days ago


Italy sounds about right!!! Ireland 10 years on has been through boom-bust. This always effects payment delays - it's worse now than ever for small businesses. The focus is constantly on cash flow and getting the money in - it's so tiring!

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