Airbnb can give you an extra income - and it is never been easier. Read on to find out everything you need to know first.


Written by lyceum
182 days ago

Ivan: Thanks for your answer. I have never heard about GoJek.

Written by lyceum
184 days ago

Ivan: Which is your favorite? I haven't tested Uber yet.

Written by ivanpw
183 days ago

All pretty similar, IMO. I enjoy GoJek for the range of services.

Written by lyceum
186 days ago

Do you have Uber in your area?

Written by ivanpw
184 days ago


Yes - we have several, actually - Uber, Grab, GoJek, etc.

Written by lyceum
188 days ago

Ivan: Is Airbnb popular in your area? Do you have different examples on the opportunities with the sharing economy?

Written by ivanpw
187 days ago


It's starting to gain some tractions here in where I live.

Opportunities - I always like ride sharing :)

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