In 2017 alone, Bitcoin has grown over 400 percent in value. Its continued growth and increase in adoption means one thing: Bitcoin has entered the mainstream as a viable investment option for the masses.


Written by lyceum
372 days ago

Linda: Thanks for your input.

I have downloaded the Dash app and added a QR code for this cryptocurrency on my support page on my podcasting site. I think this company will be one of the market leaders in the near future, as they are trying to simplify the process.

Written by LindaReigen
379 days ago

Cryptocurrency is the future we should start to adopt everything here...[Moderator's note: removed link. ^ML]

Written by LindaReigen
384 days ago

Bitcoin prices held above the $4000-mark, close to 30% above the recent low.


Written by motivirus
391 days ago

About bitcoin i think still there are benefits for investments..When iv been in this business 3 years ago bitcoin was 200$ and i made 5 bitcoins from my youtube channel. Then i bought thing from the internet, that was my big fault. So now after 3 years bitcoin price is 4000$

Written by lyceum
391 days ago

Have you looked into the cryptocurrency called Dash? It is a simple alternative to Bitcoin and could be the "mainstream" cryptocurrency in the long run. Have you been mining cryptocurrency?

I think that the blockchain technology will have plenty of small business applications in the future, e.g., binding contractsa and securing supply chains.

Written by LindaReigen
372 days ago

@ Lyceum I think Ethereum (ETH) would be a great alternative for Bitcoin. As ethereum takes less time for the transaction than bitcoin & has highest market capitalization 2nd to bitcoin........for more info please read here....

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