Being that I believe email subscribers are such a crucial piece to my blogs success I've done a ton of research over the past month or so to uncover why my email subscription rate is lack luster at best...

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Written by adukes81
490 days ago

Yea, I have tried a few other plugins, but haven't found one I like. Optin Skin seems to be the clear favorite. I am not generating the optins I'd like and I hope this is the answer.

Written by bigmoneyweb
546 days ago

This post came at the right time as I was looking for more means increase my email subscribers. I'm going to follow your advice and I will write my findings soon.

Thanks for sharing :)

Written by HeatherStone
547 days ago


This is a really sensible solution to what I'm sure is a big problem for too many bloggers. Considering the enduring popularity of e-mail, it's easy to see how failing to get e-mail subscriptions could affect your traffic big time. Think about it. How many people might click to see your latest post if it arrived in their e-mail but not think of actually visiting your site every week? A lot, right? That's a huge audience you're missing!

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