How Does Local SEO Work?

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Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your website and a business entity so that it shows up high in the organic and local search results for your specific area.


Written by lyceum
33 days ago

Gary: Good to know! ;) Maybe I have to pay a visit to the noble town in Canada! ;)

Written by lyceum
35 days ago

Gary: Thanks for sharing your personal example. Where is Nobleton? I see an an ad on the top of the search page.

Written by GaryShouldis
33 days ago

Nobleton is two towns away from Newmarket. If you are seeing an ad in your country it means the business or agency creating the ads for the business do not know what they are doing.

Written by lyceum
36 days ago

Gary: Could mention some great cases of local SEO? Could I use a VPN service in order to search on a local marketing keyword?

Written by GaryShouldis
35 days ago

I can give you a personal example of a client of mine.Go to and enter, "physiotherapy newmarket ontario". My client owns the top two locations in the local search pack, the organic search and if you are in Toronto, the two ad listings on the page with Google Adwords. That is six listings on the first page of Google for their top search term. Stacking your listings like this in local is how you dominate your market.

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