Small Business: A Love Story!

Small Business: A Love Story! Avatar Posted by HeatherStone under Customer Service
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Made Hot by: Small Business Bluesman on July 17, 2011 4:29 pm
How much do customers love your small business, and what are you doing to earn that love? You may not have customers willing to go to the extremes the fans in this story went to for their favorite brand of sandwich. But more down to earth options for showing love to your customers and getting some love in return certainly exist. Read the links in this post for more about winning customer loyalty and love.

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Written by HeatherStone
1010 days ago

Hi Duncan,

The thing you've got to worry about if a sandwich goes bad is food poisoning. :) As far as a divorce, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and that probably goes for marrying your favorite lunch item as well. :)

Written by Monsieur Eraser
1012 days ago

Wow! How many customers would MARRY your product?! Great post! And a new high water mark for businesses everywhere. Though maybe we could aim for a reaction a bit less extreme?

Written by businessavante
1012 days ago

Hi Heather.

The great thing about marrying a sub-sandwich is there's very low maintenance, and no alimony if it goes bad - plus, in Vegas you can always get a "quickie" divorce.


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