Like any other business, your blog should give its customers a great branding experience. Your customers are essentially your visitors or readers, and the brand experience is the look and feel readers get when they visit your blog, explains Nadia Chaudhry of This post contains Chaudhry's recommendations for improving the brand experience visitors get from any site. Following these steps will help you create the "unique personality and vibe" that will make it one of a kind with your readers and fans.

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Written by HeatherStone
472 days ago


Fantastic post! A lot of businesses look at brand experience, of course, but I think examining your blog from this angle as opposed to simply from a style/readership perspective makes a lot of sense. Too many bloggers see their output from a writer's point of view only. While this makes sense, there is an additional dimension missing from this approach. I was also happy to see this post shared on the BizSugar community! Thanks!

Written by tiroberts
472 days ago

Fantastic post, Nadia. You made some great points about creating a brand experience. I especially loved what you said about creating a persona for your brand. That's what I had in mind when I came up with my brand "The SEO Rebel".

I feel my brand is an extremely entertaining extension of how I am in person. It's full of exciting personality while at the same time providing valuable information with an edge. It encompasses the exactly how I would be if I were the blog itself.

I think blogging and creating a well-known influential brand is like playing the best video game ever. You get to be extremely creative and make your brand and blog everything you want it to be.

I'm glad to have found your post on Thanks for writing this post and sharing your insights on this subject with our community. I appreciate it!


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