The best clients come from referrals from other satisfied clients. Not only are they easy to land (they already know they want to hire you), but also they’re often ready to pay your fees because someone they trust recommended you.

Referrals come over time – after you’ve done stellar jobs for other clients. But let’s talk about how you can build a foundation for great referral clients now.

You probably already know what your clients expect from you. For example, if you’re a direct-response writer, you increase your clients’ leads and sales so they make more money.


Written by tcamba
2055 days ago

I always agree with over delivering rather than to under deliver. I think there's a quote a remember for that...hmmmm..

Written by tiroberts
2056 days ago

Hi Christina,

You hit the nail on the head with this post. I'm all about over delivering and adding as much value as possible to my audience. I run a internet marketing/traffic generation blog and you definitely have to over deliver to really stand out in such a niche. A true world class business that turns into a global enterprise is built on the back of good strong values - as you've laid out in this awesome post.

Thanks for sharing this with the BizSugar community. I appreciate it!


Written by Sian Phillips
2057 days ago

You make complete sense. It's always better to over deliver rather than under deliver and it will keep you customer happy. However you have to be careful that you aren't always expected to do more for less if you know what I mean. I sometimes forget what I was employed for in the first instance as I try to help with everything else. Thanks for sharing on

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