Facebook is working hard to partner with other service providers and bring an updated version of the Messenger chat box to companies that are interested in using it to communicate with their customers. Instead of being peer-to-peer only, Messenger can now be used by customer reps to talk directly to their online buyers.

Here's how it works: When the customer service side of Facebook Messenger is online and ready to respond, viewers visiting the Facebook page will see the familiar blue dot that shows someone is on Facebook at the same time that they are. People can open up a chat window and send a message this way, which notifies the customer service rep, who will type in a response to answer the question. Boom – the questions is answered in under a minute, and both sides leave happy. But Messenger can do far more than just this, so let's go over the top considerations when investing your time in Messenger.


Written by 21Handshake
389 days ago

Here is a good place to start - or if you work with a developer I would check with them, certain type of sites might have different coding. https://www.daddydesign.com/wordpress/how-to-embed-a-custom-facebook-messenger-button-onto-your-website/

Written by lyceum
388 days ago

Thanks for the link. I will check it out and then talk with my web maker of my "last" site.

Written by lyceum
390 days ago

How could you embed the Facebook Messenger application on your site?

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